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Nutrition GuidE Service
  • What is the purpose of the Nutrition Guide service?

Nutrition Guide service is a diary of your eating habits and tool for creating a meel that meets your body needs according to your work and leisure time habits. It can be also used as an tool to plan your meals according to the needs of your body.

  • For which platforms are the applications available?

The apps are available for the Android and iOS platforms.


Nutrition Navigator Plus
  • What is so special about the Nutrition Navigator Plus?

We all know that we should drink certain amount of water. Nutrition Navigator Plus calculates also the water intake from food. With taht information it is easier to reach the healty level of water intake. Nutrition Navigator plus calculates the ingestion of vitamins and minerals in the food and informs you of lack or over quota of recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. With Nutrition navigator plus there is always expert explanation of what it means too much / too little intake of certain vitamin, mineral or other element. With Nutrition Navigator plus you get also a possibility to add your own food into the database.

  • How do I enter foods and dishes that are not in the database?

Simple dishes that are not in the database as dishes can also be made from already available foods. For example, a cheese sandwich can be assembled by selecting bread and a suitable cheese. In the cas of assembled food you can get even more precise about bread and typ of cheese used in the sandwich.

  • How do I get a green day? I get a lot of red days …

Nutrition Navigator plus is also a tool to help you asess if you eat according to the needs of your body. In order to help you with that rating there is a simple semaphor type of guide: colour of the day. The semaphor rating is made according to professional dietitian standards. The green color of the day indicates balanced healthy eating in accordance with all professional guidelines and recommendations of the dietitians. The orange color of the day denotes deviations regarding to the energy value achieved and the input of salt, saturated fats, sugars, and water at certain permissible intervals. It’s very good when you reach the orange color, it takes only a few steps towards the perfect meal.
Red colour is more tricky. The reason for red light can be one or more of the reasons as follows:
– you didn`t eat breakfast or
– you didn`t eat lunch or
– you didn`t eat afternoon snack or dinner;
– the alcohol intake was above the recommended level
– the recomended level of salt intake was exceeded
– the recomended level of sugar intake was exceeded
– the recomended level of saturated fas intake was exceeded
– you didn`t get enough water
– the energy level of the during the day eaten food is too high (according to the profile settings)
– you didn`t follow your diet according to the profile settings (for eg.: alergies)

  • If the semaphor of the day is orange, what can be done to make it green?

The change from orange to green varies depending on the change of one or more foods that have been on the plate, or only changes in the amount of food input. The orange day means that your choice is very close to a green day. After pressing “Show Daily Statistics” you will see values per nutrient that you have reached. A red or orange colored number tells you which nutrient is too high or too low. Your goal is to reach the balance of the nutrients. So use the Nutrition Navigator plus and plan the next meal in the way that you will be able to reach the green day. Just play and learn how to add or remove the food you are thinking about to eat for the next meal and eventually you will be able to recognize how to plan your dishes in a way to get closer to green dan – closer to nutrient intake that your body really needs.

  • How is the water scale reset?

Clicking on the blue line, with a glass at the bottom of the screen, opens a new panel where you can adjust the amount of water consumed and also reset the quantity of already entered water to less or more.

  • Why are all milk products labeled with a call?

Milk and milk products are marked with a red call, if you have marked a milk allergy in the “Eating mode” section in the profile. Milk (cow, sheep, goat) is marked with reddish and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, etc.) with yellow call, if you have a selected lactose intolerance under the “Eating mode” section in the profile. If you do not have a “diet” labeled with health-related diets or veganism, milk products containing a lot of sugar (chocolate milk, fruit yogurt), whole milk and products made from them (cheese, sour cream, sweet cream) because they contain a higher proportion of harmful saturated fats and foods that contain a lot of salt (cheese). The high intake of salt, sugar and saturated fats is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.

  • I would like to have statistic for longer period. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. By purchasing module PLUS you upgrade the basic Nutrition Navigator with following functionalities:

– Access to PLUS STATISTIC site where you get owerview according to selected period of time
– PDF report with basic owerview
– Use of different accounts on one device
– Data synchronization between devices
– Security backups
– Access to category »My food«